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Aggie Jazz

Aggie Jazz

Feb. 25, 20008

Jon Gudmundson, Director of Jazz Studies
4015 Old Main Hill Logan, Utah 84322

Make your party swing with USU Jazz

LOGAN, Utah -- Make any reception, party, or get together swing with the sizzling smooth sounds of jazz from the students of Utah State University Jazz Studies.

Now for hire, two students small jazz groups can bring life to any social gathering. The Caine, and USU jazz combos are two of the most versatile, afforable and readily available groups on campus. Under the direction of Jon Gudmundson, director of jazz studies, and Lars Yorgasen, guest instructor, these two bands can bring any party to life with many of the classics known by jazz lovers.

Most commonly known as combos, these small groups consist of about five to six instruments: drums, piano, bass, guitar and a horn, like a saxophone, trumpet or trombone. Since a jazz combo is so small they can fit in just about in any local where people gather.

"Jazz is a great way to lighten the mood of and add a classy feeling to any party," said Jon Gudmundson, director of jazz studies. "These students put a lot of effort and practice into their combos to sound professional."

Hiring one of these college combos is an affordable way to add music and class which makes any reception, party or get together memorable.

"I love the ambiance a live band gave to my reception," said Stephanie Stagg who recently hired the USU Jazz combo for hear wedding this past December. "The sound was excellent. When you get such quality out of a college band you are getting the best deal."
Utah State has been training jazz musicians for a long time. The two jazz combo's are more recent additions to the university. The students meet a few times a week to practice to sound as professional as possible.

For more information about pricing and availibilty please contact Dallin Koecher.

Dallin Koecher
Band Member and Media Contact