Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Presentation draft

Presentation ideas
Take KSL through a normal class experience w/out technology

Attention grabber:
We would like to thank KSL for allowing us to come down here to share with you our need for at USU. Before we get started we would like to ask you if we could borrow one of your laptops…

Power Point Presentation
· Pictures of rooms
· Slide of budget plan
o $800 per computer (25) - $20,000
o $1,500 per projector (2) - $3,000
o $2,000 left over for instillation costs

· Benefits coming in and going out
o Outline the important benefits that a donation from KSL would bring.

· July deadline for August installment
o Stress the importance of the deadline so the computer equipment will be ready for the Fall Semester in 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Proposal letter Final

113 S 100 ESTE 123
Salt Lake City, UT 84555

To whom it may concern,

Executive Summary

  • Utah State University needs $25,000 in monetary donations to update old computers.
  • We need KSL – News to donate by July 2008 in order to be prepared for the 2008 – 2009 school year.
  • The donation will not only help the students at USU, but it will also better prepare your interns and future employees you hire from USU.

The Utah State University department of journalism and communication (JCOM) seeks $25,000 for new computers and multimedia equipment to give their high achieving students a leap forward into an ever advancing technology world. For many years, graduates from Utah State have been known for their great research skills, integrity and hard work boosting them to the top of the industry. We wish to give them the technology skills necessary for the future of media. This is why we have come to KSL - NEWS to ask you to be a part of this cause to help USU get the needed media tools into the classrooms and into hands of our students.

The JCOM department has come to KSL – NEWS to ask them to donate $25,000 in monetary contributions so we can purchase the necessary equipment. We know KSL-NEWS has accepted many of our student interns in the past based on their hard work and ethical journalism. Now our students need this added technology edge. Just as you know, technology in the communication field is always changing and good journalists have to be able to adapt quickly to those changes. We have come to KSL-NEWS now in a cooperative effort to help our students get the advanced media skills they will need to remain the top journalism students in Utah and in their profession after graduation.

Right now the JCOM department is based on the third floor of a century old building. With a situation like this, the future employees of your company might not be as qualified or ready to take on their tasks when newly employed. Many of the other departments on campus are getting building renovations, new building donations, and multimillion dollar donations to fund their programs. If our program is to compete, it needs the tools to compete. With computers becoming obsolete, they need to be replaced with newer, updated equipment.

That is why we must progress forward. KSL - NEWS has been a leader in the media for this state appealing to a wide variety of viewers over the years. With this donation, KSL – NEWS would not only be remembered by the students in the department, but by all the citizens in the valley. KSL – NEWS would have the edge over its competition. Not only that, the students would be better equipped and ready to enter the media field.

The USU Journalism Department has a faculty of nationally recognized and respected scholars and professionals from all forms of mass media. With hundreds of undergraduate students focusing their hands-on experience and course work on real-world tasks, gaining the professional skills and intellectual flexibility they will need to survive and thrive among the fittest in today's fast-changing communications environment. Our plan is to make all of our JCOM classrooms qualified technologically to teach our students. With a group of veteran JCOM students teaming up with faculty, your monetary donation will effectively and efficiently solve the problem.

The proposed $25,000 will provide computers and overhead digital projectors for classrooms. Some of our teachers must require each student to purchase a laptop because classes are held in rooms where no teaching equipments is available to explain key concepts to the class. Updates in our outdated computer system will increase our new media learning. Given the wholesale cost of new capable computers for our lab and classrooms and of two new digital projectors for classrooms, the proposed amount, when used efficiently, will provide for our needs.

We ask KSL – News to act quickly by July 15, 2008 because we want to update our department before students arrive for the 2008 – 2009 school year. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Sweeney

USU Journalism Department Head

Contact:Danny Robinson

USU Public Relation