Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook Frenzie

Facebook- the new gossip girl. I must say I have a facebook account and I check often, not religiously, but often. I think it's a great way to stay somewhat connected to my friends, especially those out of state. People's lives are constantly changing and so are their facebook pages so its very easy to be up to date on everyone. However i do think its a little crazy how fast things can spread using facebook, that's why I call it the new gossip girl. Info on a facebook page one day can be a disaster the next. For example a buddy of mine jokingly wrote on my wall saying that I was engaged, the next day people who I hardly talk to in person but are facebook friends where all in a hissy fit. That's when I realized that ANYONE could be looking at my profile at any moment, friends, family, acquaintances and probably strangers. From then on I have tried to keep all the information on the page viewer neutral so it doesn't matter who sees it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hidden Secrets and High Prices

The Internet sure has opened up a whole new bag of worms when it comes to privacy and the cost of instintaneous information. In an article about how popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN, record peoples searches the author shows deep concern for governmental spying. I agree with this person in part, I don't think access to those records should be easy to get, but I don't agree that access to peoples search history should be protected limitlessly. Just like anything that is considered private information a proper warrant for that information is just as good. I mean what's the difference between the courts getting your bank statements for a case? Doesn't a bank statement show what a person has been doing for the past few months to a year? Search engine histories are similiar.

Where I think the problem could be solved is if those popular search enginges just didn't keep track of that info. Granted the customer wouldn't have as tailored results but then again you can subpeona information that doesn't exsist.

The other article I read concerning the Internet was about companies like AT&T who may chage more for companies like Google and Yahoo, because they use more bandwidth then others. Once againg mixed feelings about this.