Monday, January 21, 2008

ABC Real Estate Press Release

ABC Real Estate

News Release

January 21, 2008


President Bret Cob

123 Creative Way, Logan UT 84341


New buisness seeks investors

LOGAN, Utah -- Getting more bang for your buck, is the guarantee of ABC Real Estate LLC. New to the Cache Valley region pres. Bret Cob of ABC Real Estate has developed a creative way of purchasing and processing homes that will put money back into investors pockets.

ABC Real Estate hit the Utah market back in August 2007 and experienced great success. Cob and associates are pleased to bring their company up from the Salt Lake valley to help anyone who would like to purchase a home and make some money at the same time.

"With the success we have had in Salt Lake we wanted introduce our services to the Logan area," Cob said. “We don’t care about making money but helping people get into homes.”

Cob and, his Logan business partner, Evan Nielsen are able to guarantee to any investor at least a 10 percent return on their investment but say 40 percent is more likely. ABC Real Estate uses a equity land trust system that employs four parties in a mutually benefiting relationship.

First ABC obtains properties from the settler party, or people interested in selling their homes. Second the credit party uses their good credit to take out the loan on the home. Then the investor party provides the down payment for loan, and finally the resident party lives in the home making the mortgage payments as rent. As the home appreciates in value each party receives a percentage of the profit.

The process can be complicated to understand, but that’s where Cob’s company comes in.
"We do all the legal paper work," he said. He can guarantee the credit payments are made on time each month by the resident, and since they have already acquired many homes in Logan they are excited to get going.

For more information about investing in this program contact ABC Real Estate.

Media Contact
Dallin Koecher


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Letter to cousin

Dear KC,

Hey there KC! You know as I got to thinking about this new semester and the classes I am taking, and it hit me I have never told you what public relations really is, so here we go!

As you may know it is similar to journalism but there are a few differences that set PR, as we in the business like to call it, and journalism apart. I think the best way to understand what a PR person does is to think of them as the go between for a group or firm and the public. When a firm, group or organization wants the media to cover an event or story they go to their PR person to get them involved. So they will write something called a press release that outlines the details of the story from the point of view of the company or firm.

In journalism the writing differs from PR because they have to take an unbiased point of view. Now that isn't to say that PR people are biased but their writing is focused on helping the general public understand a company or a product. When it comes to representing the company a PR person works for they have to know quite a bit about them. They have to able to answer the tough questions and if they can't they have to know who can.

All these things fascinate me about PR, and that's why I have chosen this route because I want to help people understand potentially complex situations. What really excites me about PR is that it opens up a lot of doors of opportunity like advertising and marketing. I hope this gives you a good glimpse into what I will be doing in the future.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Something New

Wow, blogging, who knew that I would ever become a blogger. In an effort to avoid sounding like a broken record and say to those who read this that what I say will be profoundly different, therefore my opinon matters, I say "Probably not." I bet what is read here won't inspire readers to change there lives or elect me to some sort of public office. In all likelihood it will just be some simple thoughts about the world around me from my prespective and with any luck you might get a laugh out of this. Take it or leave it. That being said, Enjoy!