Friday, March 27, 2009

Editing photos

This picture was a little more complicated then the buttom pic. Here I had multiply layers to get what i wanted. Here I changed the levels and the hue staturation options to change the color of the "elephant" looking rock so it was more vibrate and obivious. Then I created another layer and kept the levels the same on the people. I didn't want there colors to be adjusted so that the rock still remained the most important element in the picture. Then I merge those two layers together so I could start working on the back ground rock. I lighten them up so it looks like they are more distant. Then just for fun I added a "paint knife" affect to the backround. Finally I just cropped the part I wanted. There you have it.

Here are some of my pictures that I have transformed with photoshop. In this pic I have just added another layer, changed it to black and white. Then I erased the out line of the black and what truck to bring the red up. It was pretty simple.