Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jackson Vid

Here is Amber torturing Jackson with cold wet hair to wake him up.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jackson Dallin Koecher the First

This is me washing the head of Jackson.

The new and improved Koecher family.

Jackson right after he got off oxygen.

Amber and Jackson before before he was taken to the NICU. Amber had to stay and get stitched up. She was a real trooper.

Amber and I after the baby was born

Jackson weighing in at 8 lbs 2 0z

Amber right before the C Section started.

Me at 5:30 in the morning....

Amber at 5:30 in the morning, I think she handles it better than me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Balloons, Baby Shower, and a Limo

What do balloons, a baby shower, a black Cadillac limo, five police cars, and a pellet gun have in common? One exciting night!

Last Thursday some of Amber's friends through here a baby shower up here in Logan at our house. I, like any other self respecting man would do, graciously fled from the house! Well when the shower was near the end I came home. I hadn't eaten in an hour and a half so I needed nourishment, and I heard that there were plenty of snacks at shower.

Amy and Tycee, the party organizers, wanted a ride in my friend Creighton's limo, so I pulled some strings to get them a ride aka a quick text message. Creighton came over to our house about 9 pm to give us a ride in the limo that would soon be a night to remember. (That's a little foreshadowing for ya)

To decorate for the shower Amy and Tycee brought some balloons and tied them to the railing out side of our house. When we got married a friend gave me an air soft pellet gun, and I typically don't have much reason to use it except to scare off stray cats and to remind little brothers my dominance over them. So one could imagine that a pair of perfectly good, helium filled, star shaped balloons would be quite the tempting target.

As Creighton arrives I am standing pretty much point blank next to the balloons shooting them. Apparently they were super balloons because I couldn't get them to pop. I go down to the street to talk to Creighton and wait for the lady folk to come down. To pass the time as we waited I took aim at the balloons and fired away.

Chikchik BANG! Chikchik BANG! Chikchik BANG! Chikchik BANG! Chikchik BANG! Chikchik BANG! (I must have been pretty trigger happy or something)

Anywho... We go for a limo ride. It was great. Nothing like a ride in smooth Cadillac while jamming out to NSYNC. Good times.

On our way back to the house, all of a sudden red and blue lights come flashing at us from the rear. A COP! EVERYONE SCATTER! We pull over to the side of the road and as the officer comes to the car we wonder what we were doing wrong to get pulled over.

Two officers come up to the car, tell us to roll down all the windows, and then asks Creighton to get out of the car. Later an officer asks about anything illegal in the car, and I didn't realize that I still had the air soft gun. Soon they start asking about my gun and if I still had it. I did. Before I know it I am asked to get out of the car because I was the owner of the gun.

Luck wasn't with me that evening because when I stepped out of the car there were now five, count em, five police cars there and I had a pocket knife. So imagine this if you were a person driving by, one black limo, five police cars, two civilians and one of them with his hands on his head getting pat down by an officer. (that was me by the way) If that was you what would you assume?

To rap up, come to find out that a neighbor saw me shooting the gun and then saw us drive off in a black limo, and called the cops because they were concerned. We were let go after I told the officer my red neck story - We were at a baby shower shooting balloons with a gun that I got for a wedding present, does it get more redneck than that? Maybe if Amber had gone into labor in the car or something....

What a memorable night, baby shower, guns, cops, a pat down and one awesome limo!