About Me

Born and raised on the high plains of Amarillo, Texas I am a transplant to northern Utah where I spent my teens and twenties. I attended Utah State University from August 2006 to July 2009. I graduate cum laude in Journalism emphasizing public relations and marketing. While at USU I wrote for the student newspaper the Utah Statesman and eventually became the Senior Feature writer. As a writer for the Statesman I won several honors, most notably the "Rising Star" award. I also had a few internships working for the USU PR and Marketing Dept, and working for USU Athletics.

Currently I am the Public Relations Coordinator for the Wasatch County Health Department. I am also completing a masters degree at the University of Utah in Public Administration. I will graduate summer 2012.

I am the proud father a bright and happy two year old boy. He is my best buddy. I have been married since June 2008, and just love my life. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I basically use this as my catch all blog for posts on funny topics, to politics, to family.

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